Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. About 60 percent population of our country is dependent on agriculture. Due to green revolution the food grains production has been increased by four folds. To fulfill the demand of the ever increasing population the food grains production should be doubled in the year 2050 and Biotechnology will play an important role in achieving this goal. At present there is tremendous scope for the agricultural biotechnologists in research and development centres (R&D) of public and private sectors.
The agriculture curriculum is multidisciplinary covering a wide array of subjects into its fold which make its product “agri-graduates” be multifunctional and suitable for a broad spectrum of career options. Indeed more opportunities are available than the number of graduates looking for placement. The agri-graduates are being placed in agro-based industries, banking, multinational companies, commodity trading, civil sectors, government and nongovernmental organizations, entrepreneurship, and overseas employment.
I assure the students and parents that Modern College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Kule-Dakhane, Paud, Pune, enables the students scientifically and technically competent to face the future challenges. Our institute is one of the leading institute in Maharashtra in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology. Also, it is reckoned for quality education in the jurisdiction of the Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. Modern agricultural biotechnology includes a range of tools that scientists employ to understand and manipulate the genetic make-up of organisms for use in the production or processing of agricultural products. The objectives in this field will be achieved on dedication of efficient human resources skilled in this field. We strive for better education, research and employment in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.
We host a dynamic learning institute where staff and students work together to provide an environment where every student can grow academically, socially, emotionally, and professionally. We work together to plan professional development, opportunities and make curriculum decisions. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of our college and believe whole-heartedly that it is a strength for us, a strength that springboards every goal we set and every action we take. We convey to students that they are expected to engage in rigorous, challenging and high quality work. We also demand this of ourselves. Our skills continue to evolve as we focus on the use of multiple data points to form flexible student groups, and look at a variety of ways to infuse technology in the learning process.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay in the college and enrich yourselves by honing your skills and striving to achieve harmonious personality and cognitive ability. May you dream big and get your dreams executed!
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”.